Texas State Fair 2012

September 29, 2012

I got third place! I aim for Honorable Mention and often get the Participant ribbon in the Glue A Shoe competition of the Texas State Fair. It is a pumpernickel. I was given the idea from my friend, Ann, and she helped in the execution. I’m very happy to share this win with her! While standing around the shoe cases, I was shameless in my exclamations in my “Wow! Look at that pumpnickel! What a great shoe!” One lady took my bait and agreed with me.

My pumpernickel!

The food this year is better than normal! It’s less about the gimmicks and more about the taste (thank goodness).

  • Chicken Fried Cactus Bites – If you’re a fan of nopales, you’ll like these. They had a great smoky flavor and had a nice crunch. I’m used to nopales being softer.
  • Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll – (cinnamon roll dipped in pancake batter and rolled in fried bacon crumbles) This is at the same booth as the cactus bites. DON’T EAT THIS. It’s really bad. There’s a much better quality cinnamon roll in the food court. It’s cheaper and make sure to get it with icing. If they dropped maple bacon crumbles on that other cinnamon roll, I would be a huge fan.
  • Deep-Fried Divine Chocolate Tres Leches Cake – I went to this booth with the intention to buy this. Instead, I grabbed the deep fried brownies at their booth. The brownies are so ridiculously good. Instead of the chocolate drizzle, ask for more powdered sugar. The drizzled chocolate made the fried dough a little soggy where it touched.
  • Deep Fried Jambalaya – This is the fried butter guy (actually a fried biscuit which has butter in it…get it?). This man does a great job with this product. It’s a legitimate entry with a great taste. I’m very happy with it!
  • Deep Fried Mac-N-Cheese Slider – I’ve had a lot of good fried macaroni and cheese in my life (a lot) and I didn’t bother with it. A friend says it’s good. She said it was better once they took off the little burger patty and ate the sandwich.
  • Picnic on a Stick – (pieces of spicy fried chicken alternate tater tots and slices of dill pickle, dipped in batter, and fried) The chicken in this was very well done and the flavors were nice! I liked it. It was a lot bigger than I expected.
  • Fried Mexican Fire Crackers – (spicy chicken, cheese and jalapeno mix wrapped in masa dough and deep fried) If this were an appetizer at a restaurant, I would order it. The flavors are great!
  • Fried Pork Wing – (pork morsel is slow cooked for six hours then lightly deep fried, rolled and tossed in a smoked bacon chipotle glaze) This was the last thing at the Fair that I tried and I was very very happy with this. I felt I couldn’t leave without finding this booth. It’s a pork rib that easily came off the bone and the glaze is extremely flavorful. We went back to the booth to find out if they have a restaurant in Dallas and was directed to the owner. She will have a food truck coming out this year called Taste of Cuba!

It was a great year at the Fair! I still find it shocking that I won something. The last day of the Texas State Fair is October 21.



  1. It took me a few seconds to register “pumpernickel.” I kept looking in the photo for bread.

    Congratulations Paul!

  2. Whenever I read your deep-fried blog, I always get a little sick… 😛 In any case, it’s nostalgic to read about the Fair. Thanks!

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