What would you do if you saw a wedding band laying on a mat at the gym?

January 10, 2011

Apparently, the people at 24 Hour Fitness in downtown Dallas would leave it where they found it.

During my warmup at the gym, I realized that my ring still rested on my finger so I slipped it into my pocket.  I did my workout and was wrapping it up in a side room with push-ups and leg lifts.  I did them, left the room, used the Roman chair, then hit the showers.  During my workout, I periodically checked my pocket and felt for the ring.  For whatever reason, I didn’t do it at the very end (probably because of exhaustion) so I looked for the ring in my shorts pocket after the shower and couldn’t find it.  I checked my bag, the changing room floor (disgusting), and retraced my steps.  Luckily for me, it was sitting on the mat where I did my last push-ups and there were three other people working out in that room.  I’m so thankful.  Michael would have been so sad.




  1. If I find something like that laying around, I usually ask the people around if it belongs to them, and if not, then I either ask them if they know who was in the area last and try to track that person down or turn it into lost and found, depending on how comfortable I am with the place. You’re talking to a girl that found a thumbnail drive in a parking lot, though, once… and used the information on the drive to contact the person who had lost it, so… I’m unusually honest.

    I’m glad you found it and that Michael had no cause to be sad, though. ;o)

  2. I’m the same way. Rather than turn it in to somebody or keep whatever it is, I try to find the owner. I wonder why we do that. To make sure the owner does receive it?

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