Birthday early voting and lunch

October 21, 2010

Whenever there’s a general election, I like to early vote on my birthday.  It’s a strange thing to want to do to celebrate one’s birth but I like to feel like I’m doing something good (my civic duty) rather than stay home and gorge on cake.  Perhaps next time, I’ll figure out a way to involve cake with voting at the polling location.

This is Bethany's sticker. I didn't get one when I went to vote. I like stickers.

Yesterday, we decided to have a birthday lunch that would also be a working lunch for our company.  I suggested McDonald’s to benefit from their free wifi and dollar menu.  Fast forward to today, the idea was vetoed.  I deliver most of my jokes in a deadpan manner so I understand why they thought I was joking at the time.  Lunch was actually better because of the veto.  I got to have melted queso in a skillet with chips.



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