My Altoids iPhone charger

May 20, 2010

I was watching Rocketboom and saw an interview with AdaFruit where they made an iPhone charger that charges from AA batteries. There have been plenty of times that I was in the middle of nowhere and could have used an energy boost for my phone. The parts were cheap, it only took a few hours, and I got to use a little of what I learned in college physics.

I love the green and that there’s extra room for extra batteries. It was either this or a Nintendo controller and because the batteries will heat up, I chose to go with the tin. I did a short test and it took about ten minutes for the energy level to rise 10%. When I really need the recharge, I’ll need to replace the batteries after every completed charge.


Michael wrote a waltz for a film and we went to see a showing of it last night. At every opportunity, we pulled out the Altoids and tried to get people to take one. We probably came across as either generous or rude. Now, the rest live in a little sandwich bag. Michael is giving a tour of his exhibit at the museum tonight and I’ll take them along. “Altoid?”


Yeah, I built it on the dining room table.


One comment

  1. As knowledgeable as I am about computers, most of my smarts is in software. I’m completely envious of you for being able to do this.

    That and Spearmint Altoids. Yum. Love spearmint.

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