Secret handshake

May 14, 2010

I’m in San Antonio for a meeting tomorrow and we hit the mall to kill a few minutes. Walking around, Michael saw three old friends. Impressive. One of Michael’s fraternity brothers tried to give me their secret handshake but he stopped when I hesitated. Next time, I’ll go with it.

In almost every city, I seem to have one place I really enjoy. In San Antonio, I have to go to Chacho’s for the King Kong Nachos. Think of all the things you could put on nachos. Put all of that on one plate and I love it. I’m told that you have to go to the one on I-10 to avoid the shootouts.


One comment

  1. Dear Paul,

    I am a friend of both your Mother, Brent, and Father, Hung. I had lost touch w/both of them for sev’l yrs now. I just learned that Brent passed away. Pls accept my condolences. I would like to re-connect w/Hung and am hoping you can provide me w/a reach # for him — also is he still living on Sunset AVe.

    Am 99.999…% sure you do not remember me as you were 5 yrs old, the last time I came down to see your Father.

    I met your Mother when I was attending Stetson in Deland and then ran into her in Gainesville where I met you Dad — he was working on his Phd & I on my MS, both of us Mathematics where were shared a Student Assistant office together.

    Am hoping you can help me to reconnect w/Dad.

    Warm Regards,

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