Secretly Timid

May 13, 2010

I don’t think I am secretly timid but it’s a nice little phrase from Liz Phair and (more importantly) a PODCAST.  It’s a podcast where I’m a contributor.  I listen to quite a few podcasts while I run, work out, drive, garden, etc. and was a little afraid when Jon asked if I would be on it.  All kinds of things crossed my mind.  “Does the world care what I think about?” Probably not.  I do blog.  “Will this prevent me from getting work?” Probably not.  It’s a podcast where we sit around and talk.  It’s not the sex industry.  “Will I offend my friends?” Probably.  It happens a lot but they know how much I care for them.  If they were really hurt, they would come to me about it but at this point, they’re used to me.

“A revolving table of misfits, rogues, artists, and scoundrels.”  The contributors change around where a few of us will be constants from podcast-to-podcast.  It’ll have special side podcasts with poets and artists interviews and there will also be thematic podcasts like a Nerdcast and a Ladycast.  My part is sitting back and chatting with the others.  I guess I can deliver stats to whatever the conversation may be or look up information on my phone’s browser.  Who knows.  Of the misfits, rogues, artists, scoundrels, I want to say that I’m a rogue (like Errol Flynn, right?) but I’m probably more of a misfit.  Give the podcast a try!

Website: Secretly Timid

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Michael just told me that he thinks I’m secretly timid.  Honestly, I can be timid.  More often than not, I may just be biding my time.


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