I need a hero

May 5, 2010

I found Lady J’s blog (hey Lady) and saw her post about making herself into a hero. I couldn’t NOT do it so I played with a few versions. Go to The Hero Factory for your own. If you make one, please submit it in the comments!

We don’t get a choice in naming our heroes which got me pretty excited. “What? A hero generated name based on MY choices?” It’s exciting to me. Sure, the names could be better but I can live with it.

The Mighty Sporked Spork

Reasons: I didn’t go for a mask or headgear since I sometimes tell others that I look like a lot of people. If I was a vigilante crime fighter, I probably wouldn’t have a mask. I tried for spikier dark hair but it looked weird (weirder than comparing myself to a comic book super hero). Unless it’s a special occasion, I usually have a little facial scruff. I like green. I like to eat (spork!). I needed an accessory that wouldn’t hide the unicorn emblem.

The Talented Royal Royalty

The Talented Royal Royalty

Reasons: Having headgear when fighting crime is the smart way to go. Wearing this much bling in a fight is not smart but it cracks me up. I like the pink pants. It’s a nice blend of medieval and the future, like the Xanatos Castle, don’t you think?

Baron von Aimed Dead Eye

Baron von Armed Dead Eye

Reasons: I love ties and I thought the wings were a silly touch. Of course, I went for it. If you’re flying, you can’t really afford to get to close to your opponent so I chose some projectile. It doesn’t go with the outfit but it’s logical so I’m happy.

Michael’s The Fearless Experimental Inferno

The Fearless Experimental Inferno

Reasons: I don’t know his reasons for his choices. I’m just really amused that someone with a cape would use a flame thrower. They may rename him to be The Experimental Flamer.

The Talented Scaly Reptilian

The Talented Scaly Reptilian

Reasons: After Michael was able to make a shirtless character, I wondered if I could make one wearing his underwear. Success! I hope this guy has tough feet. His inspiration was Britney at the 2001 VMAs.

I wanna see your heroes!



  1. Uhm, I said NOT TO BE CONFUSED with Flamer.

  2. Check out mine. That kept me entertained for a few minutes. Thank you sir.


  3. My first attempt:


    I may make others.. ;o) And, I’m encouraging others to join in!! I hope they do!!!

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