March 13, 2010

I got married today.  There was so much to do to get ready for it and once it was happening, it was almost unreal.  I tried to be conscious of my lighting, how I was standing, and to greet everyone, but every time I saw Michael, I blanked out a little.  Saying my vows was so incredibly difficult to try to keep a straight face but…wow.  I guess I’m still a bit scattered.  My side of the family had a nice little family reunion for the wedding which was incredibly great.  A few of the daffodils that were planted on a late afternoon in December bloomed.  The weather was beautiful by the lake.  The food was a HUGE hit.  The cake was simply incredible.  I did well not to cry during my vows but I couldn’t stop during the toasts.  The wedding officiant delivered beautifully!  So many dear friends traveled from far away to see us (I’m tearing up, thinking about that).  At one point, I saw a couple of the kids running in circles with their pinwheels and at another point, two of the kids were sword fighting with them on the stage.  Oh, Michael arranged a few of the musical pieces and they were greatness.  I think it was most of my friends’ first gay wedding.  It’s the best wedding I’ve ever been to but then again, I’m biased.

Before the wedding, we had brunch at the house for the family.  I was going to give Michael his Wedding Day gift (the last obvious gift for Wedding Week) there but forgot.  We were rushed to get to the ceremony sight and Michael was getting teary-eyed as we donned our suits.  Perhaps I was distracted.  I made a photo album of every photo I owned of the two of us and placed them in chronological order.  There’s still a lot of space, if he wants to finish the book.

This is us, crossing the threshold when we got home.  We laugh a lot.



  1. It was a beautiful Day I am so glad to have been there you guys are great

  2. Congratulations!!!! I’m so happy for you. I hope you both have a wonderful, joyous and blessed life together.

  3. It was very beautiful Paul! I loved it. Congratulations to you both!

  4. The crossing of the threshold was priceless! Michael you’re gonna have to muscle up son! Hope you guys are having a wonderful time in NY. The wedding was the greatest–I was so proud of you both! Love you!

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