Wedding Week, Day 5

March 11, 2010

This morning’s gift was a vintage slide whistle!  We’re babysitting tonight and I thought the slide whistle would be a better toy than what I have planned tomorrow.  Amazingly, Michael still seems surprised that I got him anything.  More amazingly (to me), this slide whistle tweets like a bird when you blow into it!  I didn’t know this was a thing.

Close up! It's a caged bird (totally NOT an allegory of our marriage).

I have two very special friends standing with me when I get married on Saturday.

One is Vicki.  It feels like I’ve known her for my entire life but I suppose she was there through most of my formative years (high school and beyond).  She was my prom date (really, my date to many functions and vice versa).  When I was in college, she lived close by and we could often be found at one or another’s place.  If I needed to talk, we would have “Closet Time” when we would go into my comfortably padded closet and talk (it was a huge closet).  She met Chris, my fraternity brother, at one of our parties and I was proud to be the best man (unofficial man of honor) at their wedding.  I can’t think of many big events in my life that doesn’t have Vicki in it.  Like I said there was prom, my graduation, her graduation, another one of my graduations (where I didn’t walk the stage but I had a nice, quiet lunch), and the birth of her beautiful daughter, Wesley Sarah.  I can’t really recount all the events but I don’t have to.

The other is Matt.  I spent most of my holidays alone after high school.  Most of my family left town and I couldn’t travel around very much.  I would make a huge meal and rent a bunch of movies while my roommates would be at home with their families.  This happened for about two years before Matt moved in our quad.  He came back from Thanksgiving with his family to find me, alone, at the on-campus apartment.  He told his parents about it and they invited me to Christmas.  It’s stunning, watching his family interact.  They’re so full of love and I have been invited back to many holidays and events, even my birthdays.  I was the best man to Matt’s wedding and the date was set for a time that I was scheduled to be a fellow at The University of Essex in England.  We had orientations that day and from previous experience, I knew that was the time I would best get to know my students.  I was going to have to find a way to make it back to Dallas then back to England to begin classes on Monday.  A few days after telling Matt that I will be at his wedding, no matter what, he told me that they moved it back a week.  It still means a lot.

Vicki and Matt are family and I love them very much.  They know more about me than almost anyone I know and I’m glad they’ll be with me on Saturday when my family grows again.


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