Off the deep end on “The Deep End”

February 18, 2010

I play the role of an attorney in the background of a television show called “The Deep End” on ABC.  When the Dallas Observer blog advertised a need for extras, I sent in my photo as a lark.  When they called me to come in as an “Upscale Client” in the beginning of October, I thought “Why not?”  This was a chance to make me do something besides sitting in a dark house.  It would get me out of the house and make me interact with others.

Episode 4

When I arrived on set, I expected to be there for the day and to never come back.  I was told that I was a partner in the law firm and they wanted to use me as much as possible.  Thus began my work as an extra.  I never knew if I was working until the day before and many of the days lasted twelve hours.  The other extras were mostly kind, friendly and beautiful.  Spending that much time together for a few days every week made us a strange sort of family.

Episode 2

They mostly didn’t know much about my background but after my mother was buried on November 1, I tried to be more outgoing.  I smiled more and asked questions about their personal lives.  On set, nobody knew me (though I ran into two people I knew from my “real world”).  I got to go to a place where nobody would tell me how sorry they were to hear about my mother.  There, I got to be someone else entirely.

Episode 3

Though it wasn’t a super healthy way to deal with my problems, it made me feel better and who knew that politics gave me the necessary skills to walk and talk on camera?  I am a better person for having met the other extras and crew and it was a great experience.  There are two episodes left: tonight and next Thursday.



  1. Too bad you didn’t get to talk on camera! That would be awesome!

  2. Paul, you’re one of the beautiful people – and, healthy or not, if it helped you, that’s the ultimate determination on whether something is “healthy” or not.

    I’m so jazzed for you. Now that Ugly Betty’s been canceled, I’ll add this show to my Hulu Queue, and have fun playing my version of “Where’s Paul?”

    I hope you are starting to feel better.

  3. OMG this is amazing! I am so proud of you. You were already famous and special to me before but now even more so!

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