Donating for my mother

September 11, 2009

If you want to help my mother, you have to find out if your blood platelet type is PLA1 negative (PLA1 is an antibody). This is different than blood type and less than 2% of the population has PLA1 negative.

What to do:
-Don’t take aspirin or aspirin-like medication 48 hours before you give.
-Find a local blood center to make an appointment. In Dallas, it is Carter Blood Care (214-823-4483)
-When you go in, tell them you want to make a directed donation to a patient in Critical Care at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida for the PLA1 antibody, type PLA1 negative. The patient’s name is Brent Arinson.

When you go in, it’s not like drawing blood for a donation. I don’t know the entire process but I am told it will take a couple hours to donate. It will be at least a day before you’ll know if you’re a match. You can give more than one unit at a time. Some clinics will have to send a sample out to be tested, and some can do it in-house. If more people donated on a regular basis, there would be more available in cases like my mother’s, so please consider giving regularly if you don’t already. Even if you’re not a match for my mother, you’ll be helping someone. In Florida, Alabama and Georgia, there were eight matches.

Please let me know what happens. If you’re a match, the doctor at Shands can sign off to have the insurance pay. It costs nothing to donate. They have to type the platelets in any case. You’ll probably get a plate of cookies, some ice cream/TUMS for calcium and a free t-shirt.

Thank you for all the support and kindness you’ve given. My family is appreciative and thankful.



  1. Hey everyone that’s in the “internet generation” you can book your appt online, I did it in less than five minutes. I was able to get in tomorrow morning–the sooner the better…

  2. I take that back—DO call the 1-800 number because not every location does matching for specific people. They can do it in their name (like I donated because this person is sick) but not every location can CHECK you platelets versus other peoples.

    Dallas people, the number I was given for specialized donation is 817-412-5308.

  3. […] if you are as outraged as I am, please do the next best thing – PLEASE, I urge you to read this blog, while thinking what you would do to keep your mother, sister, brother, father, or child alive just […]

  4. Paul, they’re going to deny me because of asthma meds. However, I’m sounding the alarm in my blog and on twitter and on facebook… and sending everyone here…

  5. I came over from Bethany’s World… and am iron deficient anemic and am unable to donate blood but I am spreading the word. 🙂

    Good luck.

  6. they said I have to wait until I get over my cold and sore throat but I will try again soon….. I pray for the best for your family

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