The Helium Monument

July 27, 2009

You may not know the levels of nerd-itude I enjoy. Upon hearing that there is a monument dedicated to the second element in the Periodic Table in Amarillo, TX, I immediately went there. A lot of the world’s helium came from here and they erected a monument to the molecule a hundred years after it was discovered in 1868. It’s also an elaborate time capsule (columns) in Jack E. Kelley Plaza in Amarillo, TX to show future people what life was like in 1968.

It celebrates history, sociology and science. Of course I would climb it.



  1. I spent a lot of time there as a kid. My Mom and her family are from Amarillo.

  2. This solidifies my theroy that I do indeed… adore you, Paul Tran

  3. This is highly fascinating. I have always been the biggest periodic table nerd. I remember last year riding the bus with a friend — and we were playing the “periodic guessign game”…I looked like the biggest nerd. Now that I know you have a blog, I will be sure to check it out often! 🙂

  4. The fact that you decided to straddle it makes it even better. LOL

  5. When are they supposed to open the time capsule? 2068? It’s gonna be a shame to wreck that pretty structure….

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