Food from Dumas, TX

July 24, 2009

A couple months ago, I visited Dumas which is in the Texas panhandle.


O f 5,437 people voting in Moore County, over a thousand people voted for Obama and over four thousand people voted for McCain.  The population is ~13,700 which is only slightly less than than that of my university.  Regardless, I had a great time there.

This is a spudnut.  It’s like a doughnut but made of potato flour.  The town started doing this in WWII and still continue it today.  Mine is filled with cherry and tasted good.  It was like a heavier doughnut.


This is an Allsups burrito.  It was required that we had one.  I enjoyed it!  (if you fry it, I’m probably going to like it)


I had to have one.  It’s famous.  The wrapper says so.



  1. Exciting stuff.

  2. I highly recommend “The Donut Shop” in Mexia and “Wright’s BBQ”

  3. Have you ever stayed in the “Lucky Nickle Hotel in Dumas”? What a treat!

  4. Awesome! I think many people in my hometown in Eastern New Mexico survived solely on Allsups burritos and Dr. Pepper.
    When will you go back to try the hamburger place?

  5. they both look yummy!

  6. I want that burrito

  7. Lol. I was there last month beating up on industry. The BBQ almost made the trip worthwhile.

  8. Just two letters away from being Dumbass, Texas. How is it pronounced?

  9. My uncle was a butcher in Dumas…

  10. I was born in Dumas. I usually tell people Amarillo, but no. Allsups FTW!!!! 😉

  11. I knew a guy who was from there, then again I lived in Levelland at the time so it wasn’t too far up the road.

  12. woahhhh Levelland. My grandparents lived there for a while.

  13. eah went to South plains college and worked at the Mean Woman Restaurant.

  14. Mmmm! Love that high class cuisine from Alsup’s!

  15. I used to work with a lady named Dumas who was from Dumas

  16. LOL! I can’t believe you discovered Alsup’s…I love their burritos! I have one every time I go home. Hope you’re well!! ;-}

  17. Spudnuts in Dumas? Please tell us more info about the shop; name, address, etc. Thanks!

    • It’s Kountry Donuts (217 N Dumas Ave., Dumas, TX 79029). It doesn’t have a website that I can find but it does have a drive-thru.

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