Gaysians, a photo, and four autobios

April 20, 2009

Today, I went into an office so they can take a photo of me for a special project.  Neat.  I’ll tell you all more about it when it comes out.  I also wrote three optional biographies for the editor to choose (one was really really silly – likeIdo) and I’ll let you know what they were when the project comes out.  I’m such a tease.

The fourth autobiography I wrote is for a panel that is happening tomorrow at Richland College.  They’ve asked me, a lesbian black woman and a Latino man to come in and talk about being gay in our cultures.  I’m interested in what the others will say and I have my jokes good and ready to be unleashed if needed.  What is your perception of a gaysian?

This documentary is called “Rainbow Nation?” and is about gay Asian male stereotypes.  What is a Asian lesbian stereotype?  Japanese school girls making out?  The Google doesn’t help much (lots of porn).

Tyra has this:

I never heard of a potato queen before.


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  1. Very interesting post, Paulie.

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