Welcome Wesley Sarah

February 26, 2009

Vicki went into labor this morning and at about 9:19, Wesley Sarah was born. Congratulations Vicki and Chris!

When Wesley was carted into the room from the nursery, here are some of the first statements from the proud parents:
“She looks like one of those creepy doll babies.”
“At least she isn’t a zombie.”
“Y’know, she kinda looks like a glow worm.”
“Except she won’t sing and her head won’t glow.”

This is why we’re friends.



  1. PLEASE give lots of hugs and kisses to that sweet little baby (and the crazy parents that called her a glow-worm LOL).

    Tell Vicki I would love to come meet her soon–Spencer wants to come too! We have gifts!

  2. awww. she does look like a glo-worm!

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