Ickle Baby Angels

February 11, 2009

When I used to travel, my arrangements were always complicated but I appreciated the secretary who would set it up for me.  As a treat, I would return from England from a store called Lush with a moisturizer called “Karma Kream” since the name was fitting.  She said it was the best moisturizer she ever had and since that time, they opened quite a few Lush stores in America.  I don’t travel as much and she can now buy locally.

I was at the local Lush store, checking out the new products (like I do).  They have a fantastic exfoliating face mask called “Love Lettuce” and I adore the bath bombs.  They’re balls of stuff that you can drop into bath water to make it smell nice, etc.  I was a little horrified this last time.  Baby face bath bombs called “Ickle Baby Angel.”  Faces that you drop into water then dissolve before your eyes!  Dissolving baby faces – now at your local Lush or online. I suspect they have chamomile in them to calm you for the obvious reason.


…dissolving…baby …faces…


One comment

  1. haha, omg i love lush. i have the in shower moisturizers and i LOVE the soaps. i would totally use one of those ickle babies.

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