Trans in America

February 5, 2009

Tran’s America, I give you the Trans in America.  Dynastree will chart your surname and I was curious.


I suppose it checks phone books.  In the US, there are 20,032 in which California has the most at 7,656, followed by Texas at 2,233 (thanks Houston) and Washington at 827.  I declare these three states as the Top Three States to Eat Vietnamese.

I did notice that pocket up in the northeast where there is pretty much an island which I can dub “NoTranLand,” thanks to Connecticut and Rhode Island.  Stay strong Minnesota.


One comment

  1. Having eaten vietnamese in Texas (Dallas & Houston), California, South Carolina, and Georgia, I still believe that Richardson (Belt Line east of 75 – you know where I’m talking about) has the best Pho, Spring Rolls, and Cafe Se Dat in the US. I’m still putting together the Middle Eastern’s guide to eating Vietnamese – I’ll make sure to get you an advance copy 😉

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