Bert is evil and I love old school Sesame Street

February 4, 2009

A few years ago, I had two German roommates when I was in England.  We had a small, friendly argument about Sesame Street.  They called it “Sesamstraße” but it clearly took from the American.  It’s funny how patriotic I get when I leave the country.


This post isn’t really about Germans.  It’s about how much I adore the video below.  It’s from old school Sesame Street and I am thrilled I was able to find it on YouTube.  It’s all lovey with horribly cheesy lyrics.  It’s the kind of song that I would sing to a child at bedtime, if I was into that sort of thing.  I give you “I’d Like to Visit the Moon” by Ernie.  You rock that night cap, little man!

Bert is evil.

Here it is, again, in Dutch which is almost like German.  Right?


One comment

  1. Old School Seasame Street is totally the best! The new version with rap music just doesn’t do it for me. (Neither does Bert singing in Dutch, actually…)

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