My iPhone will make me anorexic

January 29, 2009

There is an application for the iPhone called Lose It! that Aerikuh suggested.  I’ve gained about 15 pounds since September (note to self: stop creating pies) so I figure I could keep track of the food I eat.  I have to look great for my cousin’s wedding in May.

Logging food is a pain but no biggie. Yes, I like ramen.

On the first day, I go over my caloric budget. Exercise would bring this down.

I push the Add Exercise button and...Broomball and Coaching Sports?? Fantastic.

I don't know what Aerobic Dancing is. It must be the kind you do at the club. I'll select that.

An hour at the club will burn 519 calories. Not bad!

I play violin. How much is an hour of that? 141 calories isn't bad.

You're telling me that an hour of doing flips and stuff burns only a little more calories than the violin?

A half hour of sex only burns 14 calories...

What if I only want to make out?

How many calories will I burn if I make out for 11 and a half hours?

I used to be a swimmer. This makes me feel better.

When I do yoga, it is work. I can't believe it's only 141 calories.

The Super Bowl is on Sunday. How many calories are they burning?

What if I was 398 pounds and 4'10"? How many calories more would I need to retain my weight at 398?

So far, I approve of this application. I’m obviously entertained.


One comment

  1. I still can’t believe that making out for 11 hours does not burn any calories. They have it all wrong. All wrong.

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