Equality Texas

January 6, 2009

I am newly elected to the board of Equality Texas which means I’ll be in Austin a little more frequently.  This also means I’ll be visiting El Chillito a little more often.  I like tacos.

This is a good fit for me since I do love me some policy and the chance that I might get to work with some legislators to make good policy?  Ace.

I need to buy a new suit…

I spoke with my mother on Christmas.
Mother: “Paul, what’s the Dallas Voice?”
Paul: “It’s the gay newspaper in Dallas.”
Mother: “Oh…I saw your photo in it.  I saved.  I have a good picture of you now.”
Paul: “…I’m glad you do, too.”

Links from the Dallas Voice:


One comment

  1. Yay! El Chillito for teh win!

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