Planning a protest

November 10, 2008

How did I get roped into going to a protest planning meeting??  I attended the Dallas Stonewall board meeting (the last in which I’ll be a member of the board).  They needed a representative from Stonewall to go and I asked the Magic 8 Ball application on my phone if I should go.  It said that I should so I volunteered (by the way, I asked a similar app on my old phone that told me I should go to grad school).  I’m glad I went.  I got to see some impassioned people and better yet, they’re new.  They’ve never held a protest before and don’t know much about politics.  However, I like their energy and I suspect we’ll have a great turnout at the protest in six days (mostly because I understand the power of Facebook).  Sadly, I’ll be in Austin for the Texas Young Democrats and a Texas Democrats meeting.  I’ll want to be in Dallas for it but I will be at a protest!


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