November 4, 2008

Obama won and the celebration was beyond belief.  The Dallas County Democratic Party held its Watch Party in Bishop Arts, the little artsy district on the other side of the river from downtown in the heart of the old city of Oak Cliff.  There’s a lot of forgotten history here and this area of town had its share of renovations to host boutiques, fine dining, and tonight, the Democratic Party.

I worked hard through the campaign and ever since I gave my endorsement to Hillary last November.  My life basically went on hold until…tomorrow, I guess.  Tomorrow, I may actually go back to working on my dissertation full time.  Huh.  It’s about time.  Anyways, I worked hard and I made a point to not go into the VIP area of the Watch Party to watch the crowd.  I didn’t want to see the political insiders, politicians and activists.  I’ve seen them all year long.  I wanted to see the people today affects.  Hundreds of people crowded these streets with like-minded voters in order to watch the returns come in together.

The campaign manager for one of the candidates found me standing outside the crowd, watching them.  We smiled and shook hands.  “So…”  The crowd cheered again, interrupting whatever he was going to say.  Our heads turned to see people throw their arms into the air, to see them clap and to see them hug.  Another state must have been called for Obama.  I smiled and looked at him.  “Yeah.”  My friend laughed, “That’s all you have to say.”  We stood together as we watched the crowd celebrate.





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