On the Convention

August 28, 2008

As a Hillary delegate I knew for months that I don’t have a winning vote. In true Texas tradition, I fought for my place as a delegate. Since I’ve been here, I have mostly been with the young delegates from my home state. Can I possibly express how great the Lone Star State is? Our young delegates are from South Texas, Houston, Lubbock, Dallas, Austin and more but our diverse views, our seperate histories, our rich cultures are not lessened while we’re together. We are united in our inspiration and dedication to seeing a better world. They’re young, passionate, active and fabulous.

As Americans, we’ve had a hard year. You can see it in the spectrum that are America’s Democratic national delegates. Since the beginning of the year, more soldiers died, stock markets around the world crashed as a reaction to U.S. recession and the south suffered from the deadliest tornados we’ve seen in a quarter century. Our national delegates literally traveled from all over the world to represent and act as their voice for a better America.

I like to watch people and let me tell you, there is dignity in these incredible Americans. It can be quiet or explosive but it is always strong. We are excited and the anticipation of tonight is real and formidable.

Tonight, we’re going to be present as the first African-American accepts his nomination for President of the United States. Every time I think on it, the little hairs on the back of my neck rise. I think it will be amazing to have women like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton in congress to form policy and to have a man like Barack Obama possibly sign off on said policy. When I go home, I know his election isn’t in the bag but we’re Texans, we’re Americans and we’re Democrats.. We will fight. We’re not just fighting for a Democratic government. We will fight for the hope of the future and our dreams of the past.


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