Delegate lottery

August 18, 2008

Today I watched the videos put out by the DNC podcast. Just so you know, I didn’t care for them. One of the guys in a video said that in his home state of Colorado, he had a better chance of winning the lottery than being a national delegate. Really? I want to consider this.

In the Texas Lotto (according to this website)
To win you must have one of the following matches against the number actually drawn:
1. Match 6 (Jackpot Win!) Odds = 1:25,827,165
2. Match 5 Odds = 1:89,687
3. Match 4 Odds = 1:1,526
4. Match 3 Odds = 1:75
Overall Odds of a win is 1:71

By the time the Primaries came to Texas, the choices were Hillary or Obama. We do know that in the election, 1,462,734 Texans voted for Hillary and 1,362,476 Texans voted for Obama out of a possible 12,752,417 possible registered voters (this number better skyrocket by November – just sayin’). At the end of the selection process in June, Obama got 99 delegates and Hillary got 94 delegates.

Crudely looking at it, my chance of being a Hillary delegate is 1:15,561 and someone’s chance of being an Obama delegate is 1:13,763. This year out of Texas, the chances of a voter emerging from the Democratic process to be a delegate was 1 in every 15,355 Democratic voters. You can match 4 Odds in the regular Texas Lotto with those kind of numbers.


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