Cost to the DNC*

August 11, 2008

*note – When I refer to the “DNC” I am referring to the “Democratic National Convention”

Most delegates to the DNC will spend $3000-$5000. I do not plan to do this. I’m a freaking graduate student! There’s no way I can afford this. My plan is to arrive the Friday before the convention for the National Stonewall Democrats convention, the College Democrats of America convention and the Young Democrats of America national committee meeting. I’m one of the lucky few who cross over to all three.
(Lessee… Stonewall/gay… check. In college… check. Young/under 36… check. Asian…)

Because I want to stay through the entire convention and see Senator Obama give the acceptance speech, I will stay the entire week. That’s seven days in which a room is a little over $200 a night. The great majority of all the delegates will arrive Sunday and some are taking off on Thursday right after the speech.

Because I’m all about full disclosure, my budget for the Convention is as follows:

  • Flight = $300
    This is basic and easy enough to explain.
  • Housing = $70/night (7 nights) = $490
    I’m sharing a room with two other young delegates. Sure, you’d think it would be a party until you find two gay men and a straight woman clamoring for use of the bathroom in the morning.
  • Food = $20/day = $140
    It’s all I’m budgeting myself. The Texas delegation is given breakfast which leaves a possible $10 for both lunch and supper. Trust me – if I could cook for myself or survive off a dollar menu, I would but I’ll have to rely upon vendors at the site.
  • Transportation = $37
    The Texas delegation is with the American Samoa delegation (and possibly Florida) in Aurora which happens to be ten miles outside Denver. They base the proximity to the center of the city based on how well your state performs. Ten miles. The Texas Party chair sent us an e-mail saying that we need to get a Light Rail pass to ensure we can get downtown when the DNC shuttles are not running. I’m glad they were able to get us a discounted rate.
  • Registration Fee for the National Stonewall Democrats Convention = $100
    The total amount for the NSD convention is $425 but I only have $100 more to go. I’m so… close…
  • Total = $1067
    THAT’S RIGHT! After weeks of shrewdly going over every detail, I’ve been able to get what people normally spend down to a third of the amount.


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