Party like a…Texas Democratic State Convention delegate

June 30, 2008

I have this long thing written up about what it was like to try to get through this year’s state convention. It was too long. Too much happened. Too much was crazy and insane. It took place at the beginning of June and I still feel overwhelmed by it. To give you an idea of how busy it was, I give you the list of food I got to each day and the amount of hours I slept that night. I wish I could tell you that the lack of sleep was because of partying.

Thursday food: a McDs combo meal, an energy drink, coffee, Thai green curry fried rice, a bunch of cookies
I slept a little over 3 hours.

Friday food: two breakfast tacos, coffee, a protein bar, water
I slept a little over 2 hours.

Saturday food: a protein bar, a turkey sandwich, a cup of mixed fruit (mostly melon), coffee, half a bottle of rum, more coffee, vodka
I slept for almost 5 hours

When some people get stressed, they eat more. I apparently stress-starve.

I was running for national delegate (cause I already got to be a delegate for precinct, senate district and state…why not go all the way). It was hard. I took myself out of one race that was easily winnable to increase the number of LGBT delegates came out of state so I ran for an at-large position. Never. Again. Screw the big picture. I stalked nine people for six hours and basically confined myself to the nominations room for another seven hours. My state representative came to me and told me that I shouldn’t keep my hopes up since they needed to select more women to balance out all the elected men (see photo below, anyone who may or may not have been there is protected. I can’t believe she sat with me for as long as she did…I love her). I was SAD that I might not get it.

It’s hard to campaign against thousands of others. In an election, I am comfortable with running against someone I know. Someone with flaws. Someone I can name. How do I try to convince others that I am a more worthy selection than someone I don’t even know. Of course, I highlight my experience and various titles (my slogan for when I ran as Student Government president back in college was “Vote Experience” which funny enough, didn’t work so much for Hillary). End of the day, I will still be an activist and I will still be a Democrat so I could give up a potential seat to allow a better chance for one of those nameless strangers to go to our national convention. That person would go to our convention which is one of the highest honors anyone can achieve in Party politics.
If I didn’t make national delegate, I would have been there for the first weekend of the convention then go to Tucson to watch the big nomination acceptance speech with my boyfriend. I would save a lot more money and I would get to watch…think of it as watching the winning touchdown during a superbowl party and you’re rooting for both teams. When I was there, though, something in me clicked. I wouldn’t go down without a fight. I would try my hardest and if that wasn’t good enough, I would know that I did my best.

In the end, I emerged out of the nominations committee. Those on the Hillary Clinton side told me they were “quite taken” with me. I AM A NATIONAL DELEGATE. I’m going to be there in person to watch that winning superbowl touchdown. It was funny to me that over five thousand state delegates solidified my place as a delegate about twelve hours after she suspended her campaign. In August, I am going to Denver to stand with many others and vote one more time for my candidate.

Until then, I have got to see which of my friends will give me money to send me there. I put a request in with Google to directly upload photos from my phone to Picasa. When I get back, I will have missed one week of school but this will be worth it. I will be one of the youngest delegates.


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