Today we vote but there’s more. This is how you can help save someone’s life.

March 4, 2008

Pretty much everyone knows that Texas has a screwed up way we do our Primaries. First, we vote then we show up to vote again via the caucus system at our polling location at 7:15. We do this for the delegate process to ascertain more of the vote for our candidate. Even though we vote, it doesn’t necessarily mean the candidate is going to get the delegates. It’s screwed up.

There’s one aspect that hasn’t been hyped up, though, for those of you who are Democrats. At these precinct conventions, we are also able to pass resolutions to make it to the state platform. This is where I need your help.

I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican. Please help. I’m told that the Arkansas and Alabama Democratic platforms have anti-LGBT language and that’s f’ed up (I’m sorry that I can’t get the exact quotes at this time). The Democrats traditionally are the party that recognizes LGBT rights but there’s something we can do here in Texas.

If you’re a Democrat or a Republican, go to your precinct convention and vote for your candidate but more importantly, pass these resolutions. Print them out and bring them with you to your convention. By doing this, I believe we are genuinely saving lives.

One is toward employment non-discrimination which makes it illegal to fire a person just because they’re LGBT. The problem doesn’t lie in that people can’t get hired because they’re LGBT but because we can be fired once someone finds out. Think of the woman or man who has been in their job for the past fifteen years then is fired because someone has a problem with it. This is not okay.

The other is for safer schools in Texas. We’ve been trying to pass this in the Texas legislature for the past two cycles (four years) and it hasn’t happened yet. Remember the seventeen year-old who was gunned down last week in Fort Lauderdale while he was wearing a dress. Think of the fourteen year-old who was killed three weeks ago in Los Angeles because he wanted another boy to be his Valentine. It sucks there aren’t laws preventing this. I think the biggest fear my father has for me is that I may be the victim of a hate crime and children in school shouldn’t have to live with this fear. This is not okay.

Please print these resolutions our and bring them to your precinct conventions. Thank you in advance for standing up for my rights. It has to start at the precinct level for it to progress to the state and this starts today. Thank you for making Texas a better place.

If you’re a Democrat,

If you’re a Republican,

THANK YOU to all of you who were able to get the resolutions passed!! It was important that it was done and I’ve already heard back from 12 people that their precincts passed both resolutions. That is greatness. You all are greatness. Thank you so much.


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