Des Moines, Iowa

January 3, 2008

Hello from sunny Iowa. Yes, it’s sunny but it’s cold. Coldest I’ve ever been, I believe. It’s so odd here. The Republicans seem few and everyone is politically excited. Even the locals. I was at a bar yesterday (won’t say why), the news was on and every conversation I tried to overhear was political. I saw a woman jogging with a Hillary sign pinned to her back. Political activists are EVERYwhere. I accidentally made small talk with the woman who is Emily’s List and I almost stumbled into Hillary’s chief-of-staff last night as I left a bar. The Alan Keyes for President function was at my hotel so I scored some stickers. I was given the opportunity to listen in on two Democratic campaign strategy calls. It’s hard to believe that the Leader of the Free World could be decided tonight and I get to be here. I’m such a geek.


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