No Substitutes – Sign the Petition

October 1, 2007

I like politics. I like gay politics (social movement theory tends to have substantly different techniques than your everyday institutional politics). What upsets me is when things happen that don’t help everyone and I’m pretty sure that everyone should be protected against employment discrimination (I don’t want to work somewhere for a decade or two, only for them to fire me because I’m gay). When I say that I’m upset over this issue, I am really REALLY upset over the notion of second-class citizens. Heck, Asians couldn’t call themselves Asian Americans until fairly recently. There were basically only three groups: the Chinese, the Japanese and Filipinos (after the Spanish-American War).

In 1790, the Naturalization Act barred Asian Americans from being citizens.
In 1866, the Civil Rights Act gives citizenship to all native-born Americans.
In 1869, the Fifteenth Amendment passes giving African American men the right to vote.
In 1920, Native Americans and women are given the right to vote.
In 1922, the Naturalization Act of 1790 is upheld to continue barring citizenship.
In 1923, Bhagat Singh Thind v. The United States keeps Asian Indian Americans from the right of naturalized citizenship.
In 1924, the Indian Citizenship Act enables all Asian Indians the eligibility for citizenship.
In 1943, the Chinese Exclusion Act is repealed so they’re allowed citizenship and the right to vote.
In 1946, the Filipinos were given the right to become citizens.
In 1952, the McCarren-Walter Act only gives first generation Japanese Americans the ability to become citizens (how many years after the Civil Rights Act of 1866?).
A good timeline if you want to read more detail

This is why I’m not big on the idea that we can help a section of the community later. America hasn’t worked that way. I support full inclusion and full protection for everyone.
Please sign this petition and tell others. http://www.nosubstitutes.org/


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